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Unity Packages Ltd

City: Lusaka
Contact: 260 212 650 788 + 260 212 650 222
Address: Lusaka
Website: http://www.unity.co.zm

Established in February 1993, the company is the manufacturer of various corrugated paper board products to a host of manufacturers in Zambia. We serve the needs of both large and small packaging users in Zambia and we export to markets in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company has always strived to be a market leader in the production of quality boxes that continually meet and exceed customer requirements. Unity Packages has continued the process of modernising the factory to meet the ever growing demand by constructing an ultra modern factory, installing modern equipment and recruitment of experienced personnel to run the machinery. The company currently has 60 employees. The company has invested in delivery vehicles, computerisation and waste management systems. The changes made over the years to keep pace with technology improvements have been one of the factors in attracting new customers. We operate with the industry’s first choice equipment from Far East machinery manufacturers. We have two of the latest high graphics printer. We can print up to four colours, and cutting dies. Our board machine is one of the fastest in the sub region with applications and uses only applied in the first world.


Gourock Zambia

City: Lusaka
Contact: +260954 457315 +260967 689137 +260973 921895 +260 212 671540
Address: Lusaka, Zambia
Website: www.gourockplastics.com

With plant based in Ndola, Gourock Plastics provides superior plastics (Film) products in generic market as well as manufacturing industries, serving both the domestic and international sectors. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering quality product, outstanding customer service and greater value. We started this manufacturing plant in 2005 and in these seven years we have increased our production capacity by more than 200%. currently we have the installed capacity of 5000 MT per annum various polyethylene products. We enjoy more than 30% of market share for the whole Zambia in PE film (printed and unprinted combined). We supply generic products like clear plastics, carrier bags, clear and black sheeting, etc to the wholesalers in and around Zambia. For manufacturing industries, we design tailor made products to specifically meet their expectations. We supply printed balers bags, FFS films for water, milk and candle packing, shrink films, printed carrier bags, rice packing bags, bread bags, chicken bags, Garbage bags, etc. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively providing great customer satisfaction.


Nampak Limited

City: Lusaka
Contact: +260 211 247525
Address: Plot 8214, Mungwi Road, Heavy Industrial Area
Website: www.nampak.com

We produce quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles in a range of sizes from 250ml to 2 litres. Our PET jars and closures are available in 310g and 1kg sizes and are an ideal form of packaging for peanut butter, sauces and condiments. Our snap and ratchet caps, available in a range of colours under licence from Portola, complement the range of bottles that we offer. In addition, our HDPE crates can be embossed or screen-printed. Our customers include Parmalat, Zam Zam Milk and SAB.